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Jack Russel1.5
Posted 2 months agoJasper, GA 30143, USA

Age: 1.5
Gender: Male
Size: Small


Meet Alvin, a 14-month old terrier mix, likely with a little Jack Russel genetics. He’s a tiny dynamo—just 11 lbs. but quite athletic, and would love to share his life with an active family and a canine buddy to pal around with. Alvin is still working on housebreaking, but is quick to catch on so he’s making progress.

Alvin’s former family included children and another dog, but very little in the way of training. When his canine buddy died, Alvin was completely lost and went into a depression. His current foster home consists of humans and a few other dogs, so Alvin is coming out of his shell. As a young, energetic dog, Alvin needs structure, training, and lots of exercise. He likes to follow his person closely around the house. He is a cuddler at night and loves to sleep with his person. This scruffy terrier has up-and-flop ears that make him look extra alert, even when he’s asleep. It’s also really cute.

Alvin is not crate-trained, and is unfamiliar with leash-walking. He is just now learning about toys. He is a little nervous while in the car but settles down and is a calm rider. Alvin’s favorite things are other dogs, people, and Pupperoni treats. He hasn’t exhibited any food guarding behaviors, or aggression of any kind. He is scheduled to be neutered on February 9th.

Alvin’s ideal home would have another dog, a fenced yard, and people who are patient and willing to work with him as if he’s still a puppy. Successful adopter must drive to his location in Jasper, GA.


  • Easy To Groom
  • Vaccinated
  • Neutered
  • Requires high level of exercise
  • Fenced Yard

Compatible with:

  • Dogs


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