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Posted 3 months agoOdenton, MD 21113, USA

Age: 1
Gender: Male
Size: Small


Meet Corey (Corey has a little white on his paws and wears a plaid harness), a little Cairn terrier mix who was dropped at a local shelter along with his littermate, Boyd. Nothing else is known about their beginnings. They may be Cairn mixes since they have floppy ears, but both sport gorgeous coats and their Cairn DNA is quite evident in these beauties.
Corey is approximately one year old, male and is on the skinny side because he hadn’t been cared for. When CRUSA took him in, he had hook worms, which have been treated. Corey’s bloodwork indicated an inflammation, perhaps caused by the hookworms, so he was also treated for anemia and inflammation. Their foster home is in close touch with their veterinarian and will make certain they are parasite free and up to date with vaccinations after their November 17 neuter appointments.
Corey has gained a little weight since he came to his foster home. He’s got a great appetite, but they still respond to food like they’re starving (which they were) He should be watched if he is in a home with other dogs, so he doesn’t scarf down everyone’s food.
Corey is learning to take treats gently, and loves to play tussle with his brother Boyd, and he’s put out an open invitation to the foster humans to play along. Corey wears a belly band at night and is most often dry in the morning.
Corey hasn’t shown any interest in toys yet, but whenever he slows down, he is all about cuddling–with his brother and human foster parents.
Corey hasn’t been tested with young children or cats, but is currently fostered in a home with other Cairns, where they are doing well.
If you are looking for a playful pup, have a fenced in backyard, a home with adults and children 14 or older, and most importantly, have some time to spend loving and training this active youngster, fill out our application HERE: Successful applicant must travel by car to the foster home.


  • Easy To Groom
  • Vaccinated
  • Neutered
  • Requires moderate level of exercise
  • Fenced Yard

Compatible with:

  • Dogs


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