Ferb in San Diego: AVAILABLE

Cairn mix18 mos
Posted 2 months agoSan Diego, CA, USA

Age: 18 mos
Gender: Male
Size: Small


Ferb was found wandering with his brother in unincorporated San Bernardino, California. The local shelter took them in and Ferb’s brother was quickly adopted. Ferb became an adoptable dog in California. He was truly lost without his littermate. Luckily, Cairn Rescue USA volunteers stepped in to bail him out. The little fellow is now being socialized in his foster home and the little terrier is ready for adoption in San Diego.

Now Ferb—whose age is estimated to be somewhere between one and two—has a home with two cats, two caring humans, and just lately, another foster dog named Mungo. While the spiky-eared youngster is definitely part Cairn terrier, his fur and eyes come from at least one different breed. Ferb’s foster mom guesses Corgi because of his longish body and extra- thick fur. Ferb is very playful, has a wonderful, sweet personality, and has attained his adult weight, which is around 17 lbs. And he’s become quite the dog around town. His foster family has taken him places in the car without any problem. He’s even gone with them to outdoor restaurants, where he’s behaved very well. Recently, he and his foster brother Mungo accompanied the humans when they went apple-picking. Ferb was the perfect little gentleman.

Like any young dog, Ferb gets excited and tends to jump. He follows foster-mom around the house wherever she goes and doesn’t like to be left alone. He loves being with his people. Ferb’s favorite game is fetch, and he actually brings the toy back. He is shy around new people, but his foster family has expanded his social skills by taking him on walks, and that has made him more confident around people.

Ferb has gotten high marks on his potty training, and no longer requires a belly band. It’s helpful that he reacts very well to praise. He hasn’t shown aggression to other dogs encountered on walks. He’ll need walks, as he has energy to spare. His forever family should have the energy to make sure Ferb is tired out by the end of the day. He tends to avoid getting into trouble if he gets his exercise.
Ferb doesn’t like being alone, but he is good in his crate, which is his sleeping spot and his home when his people are out. According to his foster mom, Ferb has shown no food aggression or other resource protecting symptoms. He sat still for removal of a few ticks when he came from the shelter. His foster mom can take away his food and toys without incident.

If you are looking to adopt a Cairn terrier mix in southern California, here is what Ferb wants you to know: The special people who inquire about adopting Ferb should realize he’s just now emerging from his puppy stage—high energy, easily distracted and gets into mischief if not supervised. His temperament is sweet and he’s ready to learn. His forever people must be patient with him, and have enough energy to exercise him daily, realizing that a tired dog is a good dog. Ferb is looking for an active household that makes walking him a priority. A fenced yard is a must and obedience training is strongly recommended. If you have adopted from CRUSA before, just email adoptions@CairnRescueUSA and let us know you are interested in Beans. If you are new to CRUSA, please fill out our application HERE. Travel to the foster home by car is required.


  • Easy To Groom
  • Vaccinated
  • Requires high level of exercise
  • Fenced Yard