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Cairn terrier6
Posted 2 months agoOdenton, MD, USA

Age: 6
Gender: Male
Size: Small


SAY HELLO TO JORDAN! He is a six-year-old neutered male in foster care in Odenton, Maryland. He could be a Toto look-alike, except that he is very thin, possibly because of his life before CRUSA. He was surrendered to a Maryland shelter because the family said they had no time for him.

The surrender paperwork indicated he “resource guarded” food and toys. He has shown no interest in toys at his foster mom’s house, but he loves to eat, gobbling his food like every meal is his last, sometimes stealing food and treats from the other dogs. To help him know that he is safe and will always have enough to eat from now on, his foster mom feeds him separately from the other dogs, releasing him when the others in her home have finished eating.

He walks very nicely on the leash, rarely pulling. He notices other dogs but rarely barks at them. He has been gentle while meeting new people. When he sees a person he hasn’t met, he wags his entire hind end to greet them. He’s not a fan of needles and has to be muzzled to give blood or get shots, but who can blame him for being fearful of situations that bring him pain?

He would fit best into an all-adult family, or one with children 14 or older, where he could be an only dog, or could hang out with one other mellow dog who has no history of resource guarding. With love and understanding, he will be an awesome buddy, who loves nothing more than napping on his human’s lap and taking leashed walks around the neighborhood or playing in a fenced in back yard. He will make a wonderful companion for just the right person or family. He has had his initial vet appointment and is currently up to date on his vaccinations.

Can you give Jordan the life he deserves? To start the process, please fill out CRUSA’S adoption application. Note that you must travel to the foster home in Maryland if you are approved for adoption. We do not ship dogs.


  • House trained
  • Vaccinated
  • Neutered
  • Friendly Toward Strangers
  • Requires moderate level of exercise
  • Fenced Yard

Compatible with:

  • Dogs


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