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Cairn terrier6
Posted 1 month ago100 N Island Avenue Batavia, IL 60510-1930

Age: 6
Gender: Female
Size: Small


Cairn Terrier Lulu is looking for a special family of her own. She’s the adventurous type, and at 6 to 8 year old, loves to be outside. A fenced yard is a must for this sweet little blond, as she has a strong prey drive. She is housebroken and loves to snuggle with her humans. Lulu also has a bit of an attitude, probably because she’s never been “shown the ropes” by her previous owners.

Lulu likes to play with toys and is crate trained. She loves people and doesn’t mind a bath or having her eyes cleaned when needed. This little blond thinks walks are OK but she likes to go at her own pace and explore her surroundings. She has big feelings about trucks, buses and bigger dogs when she is on a leash. She is also reactive to animals on television. She likes riding in the car but has a grudge against the windshield wipers, so she’ll need to be crated or tethered in the car.

Lulu’s reaction to so many triggers is (appropriately) referred to as reactivity. Her reaction typically includes growling, barking and lunging. It’s not fun for anyone. The good news is that she’s been responding to the desensitization techniques and positive reinforcement training her foster mom is using. Lulu’s new family will receive plenty of information about this routine.

Lulu wears a front clip Freedom Harness for walks and it is crucial to have a high value treat available on all walks to work on desensitizing her to the things that trigger her. She is very food motivated.

Lulu would do well with another dog in the house to whom she can be slowly introduced. She has the potential to participate in dog sports like Barn Hunt or Agility. She loves to hunt, run and play outside, which is why a fenced yard is required. An adult only home would be best for Lulu.


  • House trained
  • Easy To Groom
  • Vaccinated
  • Spayed
  • Requires moderate level of exercise
  • Fenced Yard

Compatible with:

  • Dogs

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