Sweet Kirby

Cairn terrier10
Posted 1 month agoManitowoc, WI 54220, USA

Age: 10
Gender: Male
Size: Small


Kirby is a gentleman of a certain age (around 10), who’s had a rough few years. When he was taken from his previous home, he’d been living in a filthy cage for quite awhile. He hasn’t had much socialization, so he’ll need some attention there. Luckily, Kirby is a sweet little guy who’s developed a few physical problems. He’s partially deaf, and he has trouble navigating stairs.

Kirby responds to sounds like a hand clap and seems to understand hand signals. His foster family is working on housetraining him, and that’s coming along. He gets walks a few times a day and will pace when he needs to go out.

This precious Cairn terrier needs help in the social skills area. When meeting people or dogs he runs towards them. He’s not aggressive; just wants to play or be scratched and may bark if you stop scratching. Kirby’s canine housemate is younger than Kirby but isn’t interested in the level of play Kirby would like to engage in.

Kirby will follow you around everywhere, and when you leave the house he will bark and whine.  Understandably, he worries when he can’t see you. Kirby loves rides in the car as much as he does walks. Life is just one big buffet for Kirby, who gobbles up anything he finds.

Kirby lets his foster clean his ears, and he’s recently been groomed. He’s as energetic as a much younger dog, and would love to have a like-minded furry companion. Kirby’s ideal family would include someone who is home most of the time and can patiently smooth out his rough edges. A house with a minimal number of stairs would be perfect, as he has stiff joints in his back legs. He is a very sweet and fun loving companion who deserves a good home.


  • Easy To Groom
  • Vaccinated
  • Neutered
  • Friendly Toward Strangers
  • Fenced Yard

Compatible with:

  • Dogs


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