Oly and Lilian

Terriers Two: Lilian and Oly in Phoenix, AZ

Cairn terrier8
Posted 3 weeks ago200 W. Washington Street Phoenix, AZ 85003

Age: 8
Size: Small


Olly and Lillian are a pair of eight year-olds being fostered near Phoenix, AZ. Our boy, Olly, is on the chubby side and will need someone who can give him the exercise and diet he requires. Olly’s also a bit on the clingy side, and is ready to snuggle with his people any time.

Lillian also loves to be held. Neither seems interested in toys, and they have to be coaxed to take a walk. Olly marked just once in the foster’s home but he and Lilian have since worked out they should go outside to go potty. Both should be supervised as they get distracted when they go out and forget what they’re there for. They so far have not gone to the door to be let out, so the successful adopters will have to make it a point to let them out every couple of hours.

In their foster home, they both get up on the couch which they love to do. The pair have been fed together, which might explain why Olly’s so heavy. They would be great for someone that is home all day, as they aren’t fond of being crated.  Lillian is super sweet and her tail is always wagging.  She also wants to be wherever you are all day long.  Absolutely loves cuddling and being in bed with you.

Per the foster mom, they behave and understand the word “no.” Olly and Lilian get along with the family dogs, however Lilian has started showing dominant traits with one of the resident dogs.

It is unsure how they react to children, but they got along well with the previous foster’s cat.

Foster mom says, “They are crate trained however they don’t like it. As long as we put a treat in the crate they are ok and have to be in the same room but not necessarily the same crate.”

At night the pair are corralled together in the fosters’ bedroom. They don’t bark or cry as long as they are close to one another.

They would do great with someone retired or home all day with a family that loves to cuddle, doesn’t mind them on the furniture and on the bed. They don’t play much so a family with kids might not be the best fit for them. A fenced yard is a must, as they have not equated leash walking with doing their business.



  • Vaccinated
  • Neutered
  • Spayed
  • Requires moderate level of exercise
  • Fenced Yard

Compatible with:

  • Dogs
  • Cats


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